Learn What Those Total Cholesterol Numbers Are

Published: 06th July 2009
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Understanding the numbers involved with cholesterol level test results can be confusing, to say the least. What do all those total cholesterol numbers mean, anyway? Well, I know it appears confusing; however, I will explain to you what all those numbers mean to you and your health.

Unless you have never been to a doctor, you probably already know about the score of 200. We want to hear that our cholesterol is lower than that. That is normal and we understand it. Over 200 is a whole different story.

Let's start with the basics. There are two kinds of cholesterol in every human. The good or HDL cholesterol and the bad or the LDL cholesterol can both be measured by very basic blood test. The averages of these findings are used for your final score. And basically, they are what makes the doctor give you either the good job pat on the back or the stern talking to about how important your health should be taken.

Okay, so here comes the basic math part, be prepared. Total Cholesterol Number (TCN) = Bad Cholesterol (LDL) + Good Cholesterol (HDL) + VLDL. Now isn't that a very simple formula?

What? So, what is VLDL you're asking? Ok, VLDL is the level of Triglycerides in your blood serum. The word triglycerides is just simply the medical term for fatty acid or plain old fat cells in your blood. Your VLDL is calculated as your Triglyceride level divided by five.

Therefore, a better explanation of the formula for calculating your total cholesterol number would most likely look this:HDL (Good Cholesterol) + LDL (Bad Cholesterol) + (Triglycerides 'Fat' / 5) = Total Cholesterol Number (TCL/TCN)

Although it seemed complicated at first, it really isn't that hard to understand. You now can see how your total cholesterol number is determined. But, let's be realistic, okay? The next time you go to the doctor, if the number is below 200, you will be happy. If the number is higher than 200, get ready for that stern lecture!

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